Google Attribution: What You Need to Know to Boost Your PPC Ads

There are some insights that you can gain from the new attribution model announced on May 23rd, 2017.   These insights can provide a better understanding of how your ads perform, put you ahead of your competitors, and help you optimize across the user’s conversion path. It’s all about taking data, simplifying it, and getting […]

Powerful Strategy Moves the Needle

This Powerful Strategy Moves the Needle on Every Successful PPC Ad Campaign

Do you have a documented PPC strategy? The truth is, pay per click can be confusing, especially for beginners who don’t know the tactics to apply at every stage of their advertising campaign. If you’re looking to drive targeted clicks to your business and become successful at it, there’s one aspect of a campaign which […]


The Beginner’s Guide to the Google AdWords Analysis Process

If you are one of the 4 million plus businesses that advertise on Google AdWords, having access to analytics will show you how to optimize your campaigns and increase ROI. Small businesses waste about 25% of their PPC budget by not managing their campaigns effectively. One of the biggest challenges that marketers face when running […]

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Web Marketers Who Actually Made it to the Top

Success in digital marketing doesn’t come easily. According to a recent survey, only 31% of web marketers say that their strategies are “very successful,” while 46% say they are “somewhat successful.” The question is: What separates those two groups? What tactics take a marketer from being somewhat successful to being best-in-class in their industry? Let’s take a […]


How to Measure Content Performance with Just “One Metric”

What if you could measure your content performance with a single metric instead of using pages of spreadsheets and charts? For many advertisers, this kind of solution would save a lot of time, money, and headaches. According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2017 report on B2B trends, 32% of marketers blame their stagnating success on content […]


19 AdWords Bidding Strategies Your Competitors Don’t Know

Your bids are the most important part of your AdWords campaigns. They play a key role in determining the queries you show up for, and how profitable your campaign is overall. If you bid too much, you’ll kill your efficiency. If you bid too little, you’ll never gain any traction. You don’t have to be a […]


14 Ways to Use Excel to Optimize Your AdWords Campaign

How can you optimize your AdWords campaign? Make no mistake about it, Excel is a powerful AdWords manager. In this in-depth article, you’ll learn how to use it to optimize your campaigns and get better results. The truth is, the effective use of time and a well-defined purpose are two factors that can make or break the […]


How to Leverage Google Analytics to Optimize Your AdWords Account

So you’re ready to optimize your Google AdWords account? If you spend a dollar on Google AdWords, how much money will that dollar make for you? The answer to that question depends on how you’re able to use data, including data from Google Analytics, to optimize your account. Making data-driven changes and creating relevant and attractive […]


The Content Marketing Expert Guide to Analytics and Metrics

If you want to engage new audiences, you need to create high-quality content. The problem is, too many marketers stop there. They pump out blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, and social updates. But they don’t actually set up a system to measure the success of their content. This is a big mistake. Creating content without metrics […]


The Science behind Writing and Designing Ads That Are Engaging and Converting

How do you write engaging ads? Creating ads that convert may seem like a fantasy, but generally, it takes some real effort. There’s no shortcut. You have to master the craft. Unbounce reported that 98% of advertisers waste money on ads, mostly unintentionally. Are you one of them? Most likely. You and your marketing team […]

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