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Asher Elran
PPC Analyst

I love helping my clients with their digital strategy and improving their bottom line.

No, PPC (pay per click) is not just uploading a list of keywords to your chosen PPC platform and clicking the “Enable” button. A successful pay per click campaign includes science, psychology, tools, and a combination of long experience and data-driven decisions!

Hello, my name is Asher Elran, practical software engineer, founder of three companies (PPC.me, Dynamic Search and Ignitur), certified Google partner, air force veteran, a father, and a resident of beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.

For more than 12 years I have honed my PPC skills and helped companies like Cisco, WorldNutrition, and Memes.com to increase their sales. The results show the level of service I provide: up to an 800% return for the millions of dollars I have managed on behalf of my clients.

Online ads comprise a $34 billion industry that keeps growing. For this reason, companies invest their top dollars in this marketing channel — because it works! The successful ones get professional help. The others try PPC, only to later opt-out with an empty pocket. My job is to make sure you are bidding effectively and beating your competition!

Through tested methodologies, years of experience, and a long track record of success, I can help you make the most of your PPC investment. I am already providing free access to a PPC reporting tool that does not exist anywhere else on the internet. I also provide insightful and practical content on my blog that could potentially save you thousands of dollars or more. Can you imagine what the added value would be if I worked directly on your PPC campaign(s)?

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