Top 20 Google Ads Campaign Changes That Will Eliminate 90% of Your Budget Leakage

Last year (2018), Google ad spend accounted for 30% of all net ad revenue across the world—that’s $51 billion! While most of that money probably went toward driving leads, generating conversions, and boosting businesses, a good chunk of it was unfortunately wasted – yep, budget leakage! On Google Ads, brands mostly pay for clicks. So […]


15 Common Mistakes Companies Make With Google AdWords and How to Fix Them

Google AdWords beginners and experts alike often make some very common mistakes when they put together their campaigns. AdWords is a great way to increase your website’s traffic and, if all goes well, to convert those visitors into customers. However, this is only true if your campaigns are built correctly from the ground up. If […]


Understanding the Architecture of the Perfect Landing Page

Like a well-built house, the perfect landing page starts with the perfect blueprint. You have to understand how everything fits together for maximum effect. You can’t just slap it up and hope it stays standing with curbside appeal. It won’t. The same goes for your landing pages. Throw it together haphazardly and your conversion rate […]

The Complete Guide to Building an AdWords Campaign From Scratch

Google processes at least 3.8 million searches per minute and 5.5 billion searches per day. That’s 5.5 billion searches for terms like, “auto insurance price quotes,” “help desk software cheap,” or “best IT service.” Naturally, if your business has the answer to any of these queries, you want to make sure your information pops up […]


Ultimate List of Negative Keywords for AdWords.

I’ve been asked a couple of times for a full list of negative keywords. While there is no such thing due to the fact that every business will have a different set of negative terms, the negative keywords list below has the best coverage from everything I’ve found so far. The list This list consolidates multiple […]

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